Land Use Feedback Form

Together the draft South Perth Activity Centre Plan (ACP) and proposed Town Planning Scheme Amendment No. 61 (Amendment No. 61) regulate land use across the activity centre area. The draft ACP contains objectives for land use and Amendment No. 61 contains the requirements for land use. 

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Feedback closes at 5pm, Monday 22 July 2019.

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Section 1 - Land Use

The questions in this section are not compulsory - you may answer as many or as few as you wish.

1. To what extent do you support the objectives for land use in the draft ACP?

Objective i. To encourage land uses that will contribute to the desired character of each character area.
Objective ii. To ensure population growth is accompanied by employment growth in appropriate locations having regard to the character area statements and objectives.
Objective iii. To ensure residents, workers and visitors to South Perth are well served by a range of appropriate retail and entertainment options.
Objective iv. To locate land uses to best focus activity and vitality in South Perth, generate economies of agglomeration, and create a place of distinction and community value.
Objective v. To direct uses with high employment, residential or visitor intensity around current and future nodes of public transport.
2. To what extent do you support the requirements for land use in Schedule 9B of proposed Amendment No. 61?
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