Why is the laneway being created?

    The laneway is being created to form a link from Welwyn Avenue to the Manning Community Facility and James Miller Oval and is a significant component of Phase Two of the Manning Hub Masterplan project. 

    Where did the design ideas come from?

    The design vision for Phase Two of the Manning Hub continues to focus on the creation of a vibrant, contemporary neighbourhood centre.  With a similar design palette to the wider Manning Hub, Phase Two promotes connectivity, visibility, sense of place, comfort and convenience so as to encourage walkability. With a more direct pedestrian link between the two phases of development, visibility within the area is improved with way-finding and lighting. A sense of place with character and history will be created, with natural (through vegetation) and built (through existing former Deli roof) shaded and/or sheltered areas with casual seating within the laneway improving general amenity and accessibility.

    How does Phase Two relate to the Manning Community Facility?

    Phase One focussed on Manning Community Facility and James Miller Oval development and provides key community facilities in a purpose-built development. Phase Two complements these state of the art community buildings within Manning Hub, enhancing the surrounding area and encouraging the community to walk in and enjoy the variety of offerings the area provides.

    When will the vacant property on Bradshaw Crescent be developed?

    As with 10 Conochie Crescent (the Medical Centre building), the property is owned by a private developer and has a two year (from January 2020) development application period, with commencement expected within 18 months.

    How can I get involved and provide my feedback?

    You can: 

    • Register or sign in. Before you can participate, you will need to create a username and password for Your Say South Perth. If you have already registered, you can sign in here. Registration only takes a moment and it will make it easier for you to stay in the loop and get involved in future projects.
    • Ask us a question about the draft concept design.
    • Complete the online feedback form.
    • Come to a community drop in session
    • Hard copy feedback forms are available at Manning and South Perth Libraries.

    Feedback will close at 4pm, Monday 17 February 2020.

    How can I ask questions about the project?

    You can ask us a question online on Your Say South Perth. We’ll either answer here on the project page, or we’ll email you directly. 

    Alternatively, you can phone the City on 9474 0777 and ask to speak to someone about the Manning Hub Phase Two draft concept design.

    Do I need to register before I can participate in the online activities?

    Yes, in order to participate in the online activities, you must register on Your Say South Perth and create a username and password. Registration only takes a moment, and it will make participating in future projects and online engagement easier in the future.

    If you have already registered, you can sign in here.