What is the Strategic Community Plan?

    The Strategic Community Plan (SCP) is an overarching plan to guide a local government over a 10 year period. It is a broad and high level document with a long-term focus and strong emphasis on the community’s aspirations, priorities and vision for the future.

    Under the Local Government Act and the Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework, a minor review of the Strategic Community Plan is required every two years, with a full review every four years.

    Why are we doing this project?

    In 2016, the City commenced Vision 2027, a community engagement and visioning initiative to explore and articulate the aspirations of our local community to inform a major review of the Strategic Community Plan. The aim was to create a shared vision for the future that both Council and community could work towards, resulting in the City’s Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027. The last minor review of the SCP was endorsed by Council in May 2020.

    The City is now undertaking a major review with significant stakeholder and community engagement. The outcome of this review will be the 2021-2031 Strategic Community Plan. The Strategic Community Plan will also inform the development of the four-year Corporate Business Plan 2021-2025.

    How was the current Strategic Community Plan developed?

    The current plan was developed through consultation with around 1,300 members of our local community during the Vision 2027 process. This process helped us to understand what matters most to our community and guide the way we plan for the future.

    The Plan identified what was most important to the community to achieve our vision and grouped the community aspirations and priorities into four strategic directions:

    • Community
    • Economy
    • Environment (Built and Natural)
    • Leadership.

    How can I participate?

    • Complete the online feedback form. Hard copy feedback forms are available at the Civic Centre and the South Perth and Manning libraries
    • Come to our drop in session anytime between 11am and 2pm at the City of South Perth Civic Centre on Saturday 6 November 2021
    • Ask a question online
    • Call 9474 0777 to speak to a member of the project team
    • Sign up for email updates on the project.

    Feedback closes at 4pm, Thursday 18 November 2021.

    How can I be kept up to date on the project?

    If you’d like to know more and be kept up to date on the Strategic Community Plan Review, sign up for email updates.

    What are the next steps?

    The feedback on the Review document will be analysed and the aspirations, priorities, outcomes and strategies revised accordingly. The full draft Strategic Community Plan 2021-2031 will be presented to Council for consideration and adoption in December 2021.