What is the draft Integrated Transport Plan?

    The City’s draft Integrated Transport Plan (the draft Plan) is a framework to guide transport planning, programs, operations and advocacy in the City of South Perth over the next 10 years. 

    The actions proposed in the draft Plan will be carried out in unison with other key state and local transport related strategies, policies and projects.

    The draft Plan outlines current travel patterns and the most pressing transport challenges for the City, and responds to these issues and the community’s aspirations regarding transport and accessibility.

    The Integrated Transport Plan will form part of the City's Thriving Neighbourhoods suite of projects, along with the Economic Development Plan and Local Planning Scheme 7. These projects will work together to manage the City’s growth.

    Why do we need an Integrated Transport Plan?

    The City needs an Integrated Transport Plan to manage its future growth, with the City of South Perth’s population projected to grow to 65,842 by 2041.

    As the capacity of the road network is limited, there is an increasing need to reduce reliance on private vehicles and focus on shifting travel behaviours to active (pedestrian and cyclist) and public transport modes.

    The transport network plays an integral role in the liveability of a city and its ability to be resilient to challenges including population growth, an ageing population, changing urban form and climate change. The draft Plan prioritises the need to create more walkable neighbourhoods, a well-connected cycling network, and integrated public transport through a coordinated approach to transport planning.

    How was the draft Plan developed?

    The preparation of the draft Plan has involved a number of steps, including:

    • Review of current State and City transport strategies, plans, guidelines and data, to ensure consistency and alignment
    • Review of the engagement outcomes from City corporate, planning and transport strategies to understand the community’s aspirations for transport
    • Facilitation of internal working groups across the City’s business units to coordinate input and align priorities, strategies and actions for the draft Plan
    • Engagement of state government agencies, including Main Roads WA and the Public Transport Authority to discuss the influences of key transport infrastructure projects on the City’s transport network
    • Engagement of a transport planning and modelling consultant (Flyt Pty Ltd.) to prepare a traffic and congestion forecast. 

    What are the Activity Nodes?

    The draft Plan outlines a range of actions that relate to specific locations, known as Activity Nodes. The Nodes were identified as they are key destinations or places with transport infrastructure. There are seven Activity Nodes:

    • South Perth Peninsula
    • Canning Highway
    • Angelo Street
    • Preston Street
    • Canning Bridge Activity Centre
    • Karawara
    • Waterford-Salter Point.

    View the map of the Activity Nodes.

    How will the draft Plan be monitored?

    Once endorsed, the City will monitor the 10 year Plan by preparing a progress report every two years. The City will budget for the Plan’s actions annually and a full review of the actions will be undertaken after five years.

    What engagement has taken place that has informed the draft Plan?

    The City has undertaken stakeholder and community engagement on a range of planning and transport related strategies and plans over the last five years, including:

    • City of South Perth Parking Strategy 2016
    • City of South Perth Strategic Community Plan Review 2017
    • City of South Perth and Town of Victoria Park Joint Bike Plan 2018
    • Draft South Perth Activity Centre Plan 2019
    • Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan Review 2019
    • City of South Perth Local Planning Strategy 2019
    • Preston Street Precinct Town Planning Scheme Amendment 63 2020.

    In preparing the draft Plan, a review of the project's engagement outcomes was carried out to understand the key transport themes for the City. All these documents can be viewed in the Document Library.

    How can I ask questions about the draft Plan?

    How can I provide feedback?

    • Complete the online feedback form
    • Hard copy feedback forms are available at the South Perth Civic Centre and South Perth and Manning libraries.

    Feedback closes 4pm Tuesday 8 June 2021.

    How can I be kept up to date on the project?

    If you’d like to know more and be kept up to date on the draft Plan, sign up for email updates.

    What will happen to my feedback on the Plan?

    Comments received during this feedback period will be analysed and the draft Plan revised accordingly. The final Plan will then be presented to Council for adoption.