Why is the current playground being replaced?

    The City conducts regular playground safety audits, which have determined that due to significant wear and tear the play equipment and shade sails at Olives Reserve have come to the end of their useable life and require replacement. This will be done as part of the City’s Capital Works Program.

    Where did the four designs come from?

    Through the request for quote process, the City received ten designs from five playground suppliers. The City’s project team shortlisted the designs based on a range of criteria including safety, maintenance requirements, quality, play value and site constraints, selecting the four most appropriate designs for our community to choose from.

    Why aren’t there any nature play options?

    The playground designs received by the City through the request for quote process all had a similar style, similar materials and were within the available budget. The City did not receive any submissions for nature play options. Nature playgrounds generally require larger budgets, due to the cost of the equipment and ongoing maintenance costs. As a local reserve, it is likely that the budget for this project would not allow for a nature playground of a comparable size or play value. Nature playgrounds would be most appropriate for district and regional reserves, due to budget constraints.

    How will you decide which playground equipment to install?

    The City is keen to install the playground design that is most popular with the children and parents/carers who come to Olives Reserve to play. We have created a mini profile for each of the four designs, which includes concept images as well as a list of the play options for that design. We encourage you to think about the way your children like to play, then vote for the one you and they like the best. The City will install the playground design that receives the most votes.

    All four design options are suitable replacements for the existing play equipment at Olives Reserve, meeting the City’s requirements for safety, quality and play value, as well as budget and site constraints.

    What else is included in the upgrade?

    The playground upgrade works will include:

    • The removal of all existing equipment, rubber softfall and the shade structure
    • A new shade structure over the main play equipment
    • New play equipment installed in the same location as the old equipment
    • New sand softfall under the new swing

    How can I get involved?

    Voting will close at 4pm, Monday 10 February 2020.

    Do I need to register before I can participate in the online activities?

    Yes, in order to participate in the online activities, you must register on Your Say South Perth and create a username and password. Registration only takes a moment, and it will make participating in future projects and online engagement easier in the future.

    If you have already registered, you can sign in here.

    How can I ask questions about the project?

    You can ask us a question online on Your Say South Perth. We’ll either answer here on the project page, or we’ll email you directly. Alternatively, you can email the City enquiries@southperth.wa.gov.au or phone 9474 0777 and ask to speak to someone about the Olives Reserve Playground Upgrade.