Why are you considering a RAF?

    For many years, our community have been telling us they want a swimming pool. Over the last fifteen years, more than a dozen studies, plans, polls and surveys have shown that our community supports improved recreation facilities within the City of South Perth, particularly an aquatic facility, gym and more indoor courts for sports like basketball and netball. This body of evidence, as well as feedback received through the City’s community visioning project, Vision 2020, led to the inclusion of a strategy in our Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027, to plan for and promote the development of recreation and aquatic facilities to service community needs.

    However, conventional stand-alone pools require significant ongoing financial subsidy to meet running costs. That’s why it’s important that the RAF integrates aquatic facilities with a number of leisure, sporting and recreation facilities in a single multi-purpose venue, which increases the potential to attract funding and provide economies of scale in service provision, capital costs and ongoing operational costs.

    Where will the funding come from to build the RAF?

    Importantly, for the RAF project to go ahead, it needs to attract a high level of funding from Government and the commercial sector in order to be financially self-sustaining now and in the future.

    The Federal Government has already committed $20 million towards the project in recognition of the importance of such a facility for the region. Discussions with a number of sporting bodies, associations and the education sector indicate strong potential for additional financial support.

    Is the RAF definitely going ahead?

    No, it hasn't been decided yet. A detailed business case will be presented to Council in October, when they will decide whether to proceed with the next stage of this project.

    For the Council to make an informed decision, they will need to understand the level of stakeholder and community interest in and support for the project, which is why we’re asking you to complete the survey now.

    If the RAF is approved, when will it be built?

    The RAF would be built between November 2021 and July 2023 and be operational from January 2024.

    What will happen to Collier Park Golf Course if the RAF proceeds?

    Golf will be fully integrated into the RAF and will be an important component within the facility. The City also understands that golf is changing and for Collier Park to keep up with the times, a shift towards shorter format golf options needs to be made. New formats will ensure the long term viability of the traditional golf course.

    With the proposed RAF, Collier Park Golf Course will be retained with a traditional 18 hole golf course and a 9 hole short course. The area adjacent to the existing clubhouse will be remodelled to provide a double storey technology-based driving range and an improved short game practice area. It will also include the mini golf facility that is currently under development. Changes to the golf course have been identified as being required over recent years in order to ensure that the facility remains relevant and financially sustainable.

    What facilities will be included at the RAF?

    The facilities are not yet confirmed, however in addition to the golf course and the mini golf, it is expected that there will be indoor and outdoor pools, a climbing wall, indoor sports courts, a gym and treatment rooms, as well as meeting and function rooms and a high tech golf driving range. A café and restaurant would also be included, along with other food and beverage options.

    What will happen to all the feedback?

    The feedback from the survey, workshop and community information day will be analysed and presented to Council at the October meeting, along with feedback from other key stakeholder groups. It will also assist in shaping the RAF concept designs.

    What are the next steps?

    The business case and stakeholder engagement outcomes will be presented to Council at their November meeting. Council will then decide whether to proceed with the project.

    How can I get involved and provide feedback?

    There are lots of way you can get involved:

    Do I need to register on Your Say South Perth before I can complete the survey?

    No, you don’t need to register before completing the survey. Simply click here to participate. You will be taken to the survey on an external website hosted by our consultants.

    Complete the online survey for the chance to win one of five $100 Coles/Myer vouchers.

    I’d like to participate in the online community workshop on Zoom, but I’m not sure how to use it. Can anyone help me?

    Yes, contact the City on 9474 0777 and ask to speak to a member of the Stakeholder Engagement team who will assist you.

    I’d prefer not to participate online. How else can I give my feedback?

    No problem at all. If you'd prefer not to participate online, you can give us your feedback the following ways:

    How can I ask questions about the project?

    You can ask questions a number of ways.

    • Ask us a question online on Your Say South Perth. We’ll either answer here on the project page, or we’ll email you directly.
    • Drop in and visit us at the community information day on Saturday 12 September at the South Perth Community Hall, any time between 10am and 2pm.
    • Email the City at enquiries@southperth.wa.gov.au or phone 9474 0777 and ask to speak to someone about the RAF.

    Is it true that the RAF will result in an increase in rates?

    No that is not the case. The potential for this project to proceed is based on a number of factors, with one being the demonstration of financial self-sustainability. The business case is being prepared and will be presented to Council in October.