What suggestions do you have to manage parking on South Perth streets? Is it a problem on some streets or everywhere?

over 4 years ago
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In South Perth there are a number of types of parking provision including commuter parking, free parking, paid parking, street parking and off street parking to name a few. 

People parking in many residential streets and then commuting via public transport. We also have paid parking stations at certain destination areas such as Mends St to cater for the commercial and employment uses.

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  • GDN over 4 years ago
    Introducing paid parking has shown that it just relocates the problem, people just find somewhere non-paid to park (eg; Zoo precinct). Similarly time limited parking, people just find somewhere non timed to park (eg; Angelo St precinct) Introducing more paid or time limited parking may not necessarily achieve the best results, and may in fact negatively impact residents by restricting them being able to park in their own street.
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    • R Kelliher over 4 years ago
      Introduce 4 hour parking limit in streets within the Canning Bridge Precinct (bounded by Baldwin and Cale Streets in our area) to avoid all day parkers (train commuters) but still allow visitor parking.
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      • RogerA over 4 years ago
        I agree that there are good reasons for progressively increasing the use of time limited parking that will encourage "all day" commuters to leave their cars at home, starting with the Canning Bridge precinct. Introduction of new areas of time limited parking could be experimental, i.e. if experience show that adjustments are needed (e.g. residents' permits where they have insufficient on site parking; expand the time limited zone to force commuters into a longer walk such that they may as well leave the car at home), then adjust accordingly.