What do you think we can do to make movement simpler in the City of South Perth and help reduce congestion?

over 4 years ago
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Our world is changing and parking and traffic congestion is becoming more intense, yet we would like to go back to a time when life was simpler and we could get around more easily. 

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  • StephG over 4 years ago
    One of the reasons I chose South Perth as my family's place of residence was the ease of parking compared to other city suburbs. I rarely visit Subiaco and Fremantle because it is so difficult to find a parking space, and then if you do, it is very expensive or time limited. Even if you are a resident of these suburbs, extended family and friends are faced with a parking issue making parties and large gatherings very inconvenient. I have also found it more difficult to stop quickly in Vic Park since they introduced paid parking down the main strip and on many of the main feeder roads. It has simply moved the parked cars further into Vic Park as people chase the free and longer timed parking spots. The residents must be hating it! The Council must have had some negative feedback when they partially corrected this with 30 minutes free parking in some areas.I drive a small vehicle, walk, cycle and take public transport in the City of South Perth. I think the current 2 hours free parking in Angelo Street is a real benefit to businesses and residents in that area and adds to the ambience of a pleasant and carefree place to visit. It would be great if there were some secure places to park a bike on Angelo Street. To remove ease of parking is denying the reality of our modern need for the vehicles - if for example you shop for a family is it impossible to ride, walk or bus home with such a heavy and bulky load. A week's shopping for my family fills my small vehicles' boot and back seat, and occasionally the front seat also. A vehicle is not needed 100% of the time, but is needed in my life. On other matters that reduce car use and thus ease parking issues:I believe the bus system through South Perth is excellent - it is frequent, readily accessible and inexpensive. With the increase in high density living in the Mill Point area of South Perth, possibly a more frequent ferry service will be required. The congestion at peak hour here is already an issue and will get worse once the population increases. I think the separation of the cycle and foot paths on the foreshore works well but possibly the separation be made more clear with increased signage for those not familiar with the system. I would hope the City invests in more interconnected cycle lanes for safer cycling, but not at the expense of entire car lanes as has been the case in other suburbs which has contributed to congestion and frustration. And finally, I hope the parking strategy does not consider revenue raising as a benefit or objective of increasing paid parking through the City of South Perth. As a resident, I feel I have already paid for the free parking that exists through my rates and do not wish to pay twice.
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    • GDN over 4 years ago
      Agree, our rates should be covering the parking requirements. Some sort of "residents parking permit" needs to be introduced such that ratepayers get free parking, and only non ratepayers should pay. Although I don't know the specifics, City of Subiaco has some form of residents parking permit, why not South Perth?
  • Admin Commented ReneeD over 4 years ago
    Better walking and cycling infrastructure for all ages, for example introducing a connected network of physically separated bike lanes on roads; adding a 'slow lane' for bikes along the South Perth foreshore area; improved lighting on footpaths; introduction of parklets and bicycle parking at Mends Street and Angelo Street shopping/dining precincts; transformation of Canning Hwy into a modern, world-class boulevard, like the Champs-Elysee in Paris or Sunset Boulevard in LA - tree-lined/decorated, with interesting shops, restaurants, shop-top housing, and wide footpaths / safe pedestrian crossing; 40km/hr speed limit introduced in all mixed-use zone areas.
  • Andy over 4 years ago
    As part of the overall plan I suggest looking at www.smartparking.com as they have a technology based solution to parking which is good for councils as well as commuters. Please go and have a look
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    • SouthBySouthPerth over 4 years ago
      Good idea. This would provide more data so that parking can be planned and managed more efficiently (although it doesn't need to be this company - I'm sure the Council could run a tender to get the best bang for buck). Worth doing.
  • SouthBySouthPerth over 4 years ago
    I think South Perth's 'movement' strategy needs to heavily prioritise public transport, walking and cycling. Only improvements to these modes will deliver a long term accessibility improvement. Investment in more traffic lanes and car priority might get a temporary reprieve in traffic levels, but they will reinforce a culture of car use and will only result in more chronic congestion. For South Perth to realise it's potential (which is enormous given proximity to the City, the river, universities, etc), the Parking Strategy should;- Be bold in the provision of on-street, separated cycle ways. If this requires a reduction in on street car parking or a reduction in traffic lanes, then so be it. Imagine how much of the morning school drop off traffic could be reduced if there was a high quality cycling network that parents were happy for their kids to use...? - Be innovative in how the City enables it's residents and businesses to reduce their dependency on private cars. For example, introduce car sharing (like GoGet, Zipcar and Flexicar). As a resident of South Perth and moving here from London, I really miss having access to a car share scheme. It has meant that I needed to buy my own car even though I need it very rarely (and buses are very infrequent). If car sharing was I would sell my car, and my neighbors have told me they would be able to sell the 2nd car that they only use once every 2 or 3 weeks. This could be really beneficial and set South Perth apart from other areas in Perth as a place to live. - Price car parking according to demand. Eg. high demand should equal a high price. Low demand should equal cheap (or free!). This will (should) influence behaviour and achieve an equilibrium so that parking is never at 100% or 0% occupancy. See what San Francisco are doing here http://sfpark.org/ - New developments near good public transport should be built with minimal or no off street parking. The planning regulations need to change so that developers can build high density developments that have no impact on congestion, because all of their occupants walk, cycle, take PT and maybe use a car very rarely (another market for car sharing). - In local shopping strips, give parking spaces and road space to cafe owners who want to operate alfresco dining. My local strip at Angelo St could really benefit from this. I hope the City of South Perth Council doesn't shy away from these ideas. You have the opportunity here to be bold and influence transport and accessibility in really beneficial ways IN THE LONG TERM. Please don't be swayed by the apparent immediacy of traffic issues and the politicised nature of roads funding. There are enough examples from around the world to prove the above concepts. Use them and make your own case studies of best practice.
  • cyn58jee over 4 years ago
    I would like to know what plans the City has in place for the future increased traffic flow in the Peninsula region when all the multi-storied apartment/commercial/retail buildings are built as the increased population will definitely add to the congestion along Labouchere & Mill Point Roads and Mends Street. Not all who end up as residents and workers in these new buildings will end up using public transport. How will this tie in with the CoSP's Parking strategy?
  • John McBain over 4 years ago
    I walk quite a bit. I am often frustrated by residents, their visitors and tradespeople who think footpath means 'somewhere to park'.Walking helps reduce traffic congestion - it would be fantastic if all drivers (parkers) had consideration for those walking.The inconvenience extends to all walkers, bike riders and people on disability scooters.Come on drivers - life is a 2 way street!