How can we cater for good movement, parking and transport opportunities and ensure there is adequate parking provision in the future?

over 4 years ago
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The City needs to plan ahead and work with the community to cater for the needs of current and future generations as well as maintain and enhance the quality of life of all its residents.  Parking will always be an issue in certain areas but in most cases it is a perceived lack rather than an actual lack of parking.

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  • nolnah over 4 years ago
    Stone Street and surrounding streets have become a car park for city travellers and others from surrounding businesses who park free all day. Vehicles are left from early morning till evening while commuters catch the bus or ferry, or walk round the corner to offices and businesses. The result is that residents, their visitors and tradespeople are finding it increasingly difficult (sometimes impossible) to park. This situation is going to get significantly worse as more and more apartments are built in the area. This situation could be eased by limiting parking hours and issuing permits for residents.
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    • RogerA over 4 years ago
      Yes, broadly, I do agree. Time limited parking and residents permits could be introduced in a experimental way, expanding to cover a larger area if experience indicates that it is necessary to do so. As to costs, my guess is that the costs would be very economical. Start with the areas that are most under pressure, such as the Canning Bridge precinct and parts of the Peninsula.