What is the purpose of the amendment?

    The City’s Town Planning Scheme No. 6 includes maps showing building height limits for all properties. The subject site has a mix of 3.5m and 7.0m height limits. The site has been subdivided and the Building Height Limits map in the Scheme no longer matches the boundaries of the properties. This amendment re-aligns the building height limits with the property boundaries.

    What height buildings will be permitted if the amendment is approved?

    The properties fronting River Way (numbers 72 and 74) will have a building height limit of 7.0m, or approximately two storeys. The properties fronting Salter Point Parade (numbers 1A, 1B and 1C) will retain the current building height limit of 3.5m, or one storey.

    What effect will the amendment have on neighbouring properties?

    The amendment only changes the building height limit on the southern part of numbers 72 and 74 River Way. There is no change to the building height limit on any other property.

    Is the change to building height limits already part of the Town Planning Scheme?

    No. The draft scheme amendment is only a proposal. The Council and the Minister for Planning will consider any written comments before deciding whether to proceed with, modify or abandon the proposal. It should not be construed that final approval will definitely be granted.