What is the South Perth Station Precinct?

    The Precinct surrounds the planned South Perth railway station on the Perth/Mandurah line. The precinct includes land within a radius of approximately 800 metres of the proposed location of the station within the Kwinana Freeway reserve, at the north-western corner of Richardson Park.

    What is the purpose of the Place and Design project?

    This project is to review the 2011 vision for the South Perth Station Precinct, which was developed in partnership with the WA Planning Commission. The City engaged consultants to undertake a detailed study into preferred development in the area and to recommend policy and town planning scheme provisions to achieve the vision.

    An essential part of the project is engagement with the community and other stakeholders in a manner that will capture all points of view and reach people who may not have contributed or had their voices heard in the past.

    How does the Place and Design project relate to Amendment 46?

    Amendment No. 46 to the City’s Town Planning Scheme No. 6 was initiated to rectify anomalies, clarify ambiguities and strengthen performance criteria for building height variations relating to development provisions affecting the South Perth Station Precinct. Amendment No. 46 was advertised for public comment in March 2015, after which it was modified in response to community concerns before being advertised again for public comment in November 2015. The Minister for Planning then considered the amendment and required the City to make several modifications in December 2016. These modifications were completed and the Minister will approved the amendment in February 2017.

    The Place and Design project produced recommendations for the ongoing planning and development of the Precinct. This includes further modifications to the City’s Town Planning Scheme and/or the development of additional planning policies to better manage development in the Station Precinct in the future. 

    What is a Planning Design Forum?

    The Forum is an interactive series of workshops, facilitated by specialist consultants and involving members of the community, other stakeholders and a range of professionals with expertise in town planning, urban design, architecture, traffic and transport and property development.

    The Forum was held over five consecutive days of collaborative investigations and urban design activities designed to bring the community and other stakeholders together with experts to explore design options and solutions for the ongoing planning and development of the Precinct.

    Prior to the Forum there were two public workshops held to provide more information about the process and gather feedback about the issues involved in planning for the precinct.

    The outcome from the Forum includes detailed recommendations for the ongoing planning and development of the Precinct.

    When was the Planning Design Forum held?

    The Forum was held between 13 and 17 March 2017 at South Perth Community Hall. Prior to the Forum, two public workshops were held on Wednesday 22 and Saturday 25 February 2017 to introduce the project and to gather information on the important issues related to planning for the Precinct.

    Who represented the community at the Planning Design Forum?

    The City sought expressions of interest from the public to represent the community in the Forum. Local residents, business owner/operators, students or anyone who has an interest in the area were encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest form and be a representative for their community. 

    More than 20 community members, with a range of backgrounds, represented the community at the Forum.

    How can I stay up to date with this project?

    Please register your interest on the project page of Your Say South Perth to be kept up to date with the project.