What is a masterplan?

    A masterplan is an over-arching, long term document to assist in the management of an area, often with a 10+ year timeframe.

    Why is the City developing a masterplan for the CWSP Foreshore?

    The foreshore is coming under pressure due to climate change, foreshore erosion, urban infill, and increased recreational use. A masterplan will provide a strategic framework to assist the City in managing these pressures into the future. It will address environmental issues, showcase aboriginal cultural and heritage values and provide recommendations for the upgrade of existing facilities and infrastructure.

    What happens with the previous management and restoration plans for the area?

    The masterplan is a strategic, over-arching document and the management and restoration plans are operational and will continue to be implemented until reviewed.

    How can I give feedback on the Draft Masterplan?

    Complete the online feedback form or a hard copy form, available from the Civic Centre, the South Perth Library or the Manning Library. The public comment period closes at 4pm, Wednesday 22 August 2018.

    Will the dog off leash areas change?

    There will be no reduction in dog off leash areas and there are new areas proposed in Precinct 3, Sandon Park on page 12 of the Draft Masterplan. Dog exercise areas in the whole Foreshore area can be viewed on a map here.