When are Council planning policies reviewed?

    The City is required to review all of its policies annually, to ensure they remain up to date. Policies are reviewed during the year, before being presented to a Council meeting. In 2016 the reviews took place in January and were presented to Council in March 2016.

    What process does the City follow when preparing and adopting planning policies?

    Once a policy has been drafted it is approved by the Audit and Governance Committee of the Council to be advertised for community comment. The draft policy is advertised for no less than 21 days, with advertisements published at least twice in the Southern Gazette newspaper and once in the South Perth in Focus e-newsletter. The draft policy is available to view online at yoursay.southperth.wa.gov.au and hard copies are available for viewing at the Civic Centre and the City’s libraries for the duration of the advertising period.

    After the advertising period is closed the City reviews all submissions received and prepares a report that addresses each issue raised in the submissions. The report makes recommendations to Council as to whether the draft policy should be modified in response to the public comments. The report is published on the City’s website on the Friday before the Council Agenda Briefing.

    Everyone who made a submission, and the general public, are invited to attend the meeting at which Council will consider the submissions received and decide whether or not to adopt the policy. Any person can make a deputation to the Council meeting by following the process set out at http://www.southperth.wa.gov.au/Our-Council/Council-Meeting-Schedule/.

    After Council have decided to adopt a policy it is published on the City’s website and an advertisement is placed in the Southern Gazette newspaper. All submitters are directly notified of the decision by mail or email.