Draft local planning policy P350.18 Short term accommodation

The City of South Perth has resolved to prepare a new draft local planning policy P350.18 Short term accommodation.

Policy P350.18 provides a consolidated criteria and consistent approach for the assessment of planning applications involving land uses to provide short term accommodation for tourists. This includes land uses defined in the City’s Town Planning Scheme No. 6 such as ‘Bed and Breakfast’ and ‘Serviced Apartments’, amongst other uses.  

To view the revised policy and associated documents, visit the documents section.

Submissions will be received until 5pm, Wednesday 7 February 2018.  

Your submission should include:

  • comments either supporting or opposing the proposals, or suggesting particular ways in which you believe that the proposed Policy should be modified;
  • reasons for your opinion, or other discussion to explain your comments; and
  • your name and postal address, to enable the City to respond to your submission and to advise you of the final outcome of the process.

The out for comment period has now closed.