Important background information

12 months ago

Bodkin Park in Waterford features two lakes (north and south) connected by a channel of open drain, which is part of the Bodkin Park stormwater management system.

This system contributes large volumes of fresh water into the Andrew Thomson Conservation Reserve wetlands which has a detrimental impact on the flora and fauna in the wetlands due to high nutrient levels in urban stormwater runoff.

In partnership with the South East Regional Centre for Urban Landcare (SERCUL) and Water Corporation, the City has received a grant from Perth NRM to establish a new living stream at Bodkin Park between the north and south lakes.

A living stream is a man-made stormwater channel that looks like a natural stream. As well as conveying stormwater, the nutrient stripping vegetation in the living stream also treats the water and creates diverse habitats for wildlife.

There is already a living stream located between the south lake in Bodkin Park and the Andrew Thomson Conservation Reserve wetlands which is not included in this project.

The existing wood-lined open drainage channel between the north and south lakes will be rehabilitated to create the new living stream and the introduction of indigenous wetland plants that strip the level of nutrients and contaminants in the water will aid in reducing the high levels of summer algal growth in the south lake and leading into the river. The new living stream will retain sight to the water and the vegetation will be low lying and less dense than the current living stream.

The living stream Draft Concept Plan demonstrates:

  • ecological connectivity of the lake systems and the foreshore wetlands to allow movement of aquatic and amphibious animals through the area
  • water quality improvements
  • the retention of all existing mature and semi-mature trees
  • environmental restoration and revegetation best management practice
  • the retention of sight-lines and maintenance of physical access to the stream.

This project is now closed. Please see the news article below for an update.