What is a Development Application (DA)?

    A Development Application (DA) is an application made to Council seeking consent to carry out development including construction, demolition, change of use, display of advertising, subdivision, or making alterations or additions to a property or premises. A DA is required so that Council can assess the likely impacts of the proposal.

    How can I make a submission or be heard by the Council or the Development Assessment Panel (DAP) on this matter?

    Submissions can be made on the ‘Your Say South Perth’ online portal or by email to enquiries@southperth.wa.gov.au  

    At the relevant Council meeting and Development Assessment Panel (DAP) meeting, applications can be made to make deputations and speak at the meeting.

    How does the recent Supreme Court action taken by the residents against the previous approval affect the current development?

    This application is considered to be a new proposal for the site so is treated independently from previous proposals, this application will not be impacted by the result of the Supreme Court action.

    Why has the City allowed this application to be proposed?

    The City cannot refuse to accept an application for assessment. The City must follow the correct assessment process and will access the application according to the planning process, make a recommendation with the final decision made by the Metropolitan Central Joint Development Assessment Panel (DAP).

    What is the City’s view of this application – will it be supported?

    The City follows a process for each Development Application received. The application must be assessed according to the provisions of the Town Planning Scheme, external referrals will be made, advice will be sought on design quality and the consultation submissions will be considered prior to the City forming a view on this application. 

    A recommendation is then presented to to the Metropolitan Central Joint Development Assessment Panel (DAP), who is the final decision maker. The Council have the opportunity to consider the recommendation made to the DAP, but not alter it.

    Who is the developer?

    The applicant for this project is Hillam Architects.

    The development company is Edge Visionary Living.

    What effect does Scheme Amendment No. 46 have on this Development Application?

    Amendment 46 was gazetted in Feburary 2017, meaning any proposal will now be assessed under the Schedule 9A development controls which were the subject of Amendment 46.

    What about the extra traffic that will be generated by this proposed development?

    The application includes a Traffic Impact Assessment.

    What about car parking? How will the area cope with all the extra residents and visitors to this proposed development?

    All car parking for the development must be contained on site, no reliance on street or other public parking shall be permitted.

    What shadow will the proposed building create?

    Please see the shadow diagrams provided within the applicant’s DA Report as part of the associated documents for this application

What is the process this application will follow?

    1. City receives Development Application (DA)

    • The applicant submits a Development Application (DA) to the City of South Perth
    • DA is recorded and an initial assessment is made by a City planning officer
    • City officer forwards information to the Development Assessment Panel (DAP) at the WA Department for Planning for lodgement
    • The City then has 90 days to complete a full submission called a Responsible Authority Report (RAR) to present to the DAP

    2. Consultation and referrals

    • CONSULTATION: The DA is advertised according to the City's Consultation Policy P301. Submissions received by the City are collated, summarised and considered by the City planing officer according to the criteria and planning guidelines/schemes
    • REFERRALS: The DA is referered to internal relevant departments within the City for review and comment
    • The DA refered to an external group - the City's Design Advisory Consultants (DAC) for comment on the overall design of the proposed development
    • The DA is referred to the Department of Wildlife and Parks (DPAW) if the development has the potential to impact groundwater and/or rivers
    • Further information or amendments may be requested of the applicant as part of the referrals process

    3. Assessment

    • The City's planning officer conducts an assesment of the proposal against any relevant development controls and legislation (eg Scheme amendments) applicable to the DA
    • Further information and/or amended plans may be requested of the applicant following assessment

    4. Responsibility Authority Report (RAR)

    • In consideration of all the above consultation, referrals  and the City's planning officer's assessment according to the procedure and protocol, the officer prepares a Responsible Authority Report (RAR). This report provides the City's recommendation of conditional approval or refusal of the DA to the DAP to consider
    • The City officer may request an extension of the timeline if further information and /or amended plans are required

    5. Council Meeting

    • The RAR is presented to a Council Meeting or Special Council Meeting if required for comment.  The applicant and submitters can provide deputations at the Council Meeting. 

    6. DAP Meeting and DA determination

    • Following the submission of the RAR, the Development Assessment Panel (DAP) secretariat organise a meeting time and place for the determination and the applicant and any submitters are made aware as they are welcome to attend the meeting and provide deputations if desired
    • The DAP members (consisting of a Chairperson, two independent appropriate professionals - usually architects or planners and two representative City Elected Members) consider the proposal, responsible authority report and any deputations before providing their determination of the application
    • The decision is made for or against the application (with conditions and reasoning stated) by the DAP and the decision communicated to the City and the relevant applicant