What is the status of Scheme Amendment 61 and the South Perth Activity Centre Plan?

    Scheme Amendment 61 (Amendment 61) and the South Perth Activity Centre Plan (ACP) are currently being considered by the Planning Minister and Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC), respectively. 

    The WAPC has directed the City to make a number of modifications to the ACP before the document is resubmitted for approval. One of the required modifications is the preparation of a list of costed public benefit contribution projects supported by a Community Needs Analysis. 

    When will a public benefit contribution be required?

    Amendment 61 proposes to introduce a tiered system of building height and plot ratio limits. There are three tiers of building height and plot ratio limits being, Primary, Tier 1 and Tier 2. The tiered system allows for approval of developments above the Primary building height and/or plot ratio limits, where the proposal meets a number of requirements. One of the key requirements is the provision of a public benefit contribution.

    What type of public benefits can the contributions fund?

    The ACP lists six categories of items that may be funded from public benefit contributions:

    • Community facilities
    • Streetscape and public realm upgrades
    • Street trees and landscaping
    • Upgrades to public open space
    • Transport infrastructure
    • Placemaking initiatives.

    The Public Benefit Contribution Plan includes further considerations for items not listed above or within the Public Benefit Contribution Project List.

    Where can public benefit contributions funds be spent?

    All public benefit contributions collected by the City must be expended within the ACP boundaries.

    How is a public benefit contribution calculated?

    The formula to calculate public benefit contributions is outlined in Amendment 61, which is anticipated to be finalised to coincide with approval of the ACP. When Amendment 61 is finalised it will be available to the public.

    Is the Public Benefit Contribution Plan a ‘Development Contribution Plan’?

    The Public Benefit Contribution Plan is not a Development Contribution Plan, which is an established planning tool used to fund the provision or upgrade of essential infrastructure or facilities which are driven by demand from population growth and new development. Public benefit contributions will be used to fund new and upgraded community facilities and infrastructure that are over and above the like-for-like replacement or provision of infrastructure that is normally funded by the local government.

    How does Town Planning Scheme 6 (TPS 6) currently address building height and public benefits?

    TPS 6 contains development requirements for the South Perth Station Precinct. Properties identified within the Special Design Area of the Station Precinct may be developed above the maximum building height limit where specific requirements are met, including requirements relating to ‘Benefits for Occupiers and Local and Wider Communities’ that are to be provided on-site within a development. 

    Amendment 61 and the ACP will establish a planning framework that provides certainty on the public benefit contribution required to achieve additional building height or plot ratio above the primary limits. The framework also provides the opportunity for monetary contributions to be provided to fund public benefit projects which are external to the site and within the public realm, which is not provided for within the current framework. 

    Does the offer of a public benefit contribution guarantee development approval?

    No, the offer of a public benefit contribution as part of a development application does not guarantee approval. All planning applications will be assessed against the requirements of the planning framework transparently and with impartiality. The decision-maker for future applications within the ACP area will be the Joint Development Assessment Panel in most instances.

    What will happen to my responses?

    All responses received will be analysed and the Public Benefit Contribution Project List revised accordingly. The final Public Benefit Contribution Plan will be incorporated within the draft ACP and provided to the WAPC for final consideration.

    How can I ask questions about the Public Benefit Contribution Project List?

    • Ask us a question and we’ll either answer here on the project page, or we’ll email you directly.
    • Email the City at enquiries@southperth.wa.gov.au or phone 9474 0777 and ask to speak to a strategic planner. Appointments are also available face-to-face, by phone or online.

    How can I be kept up to date on the project?

    If you’d like to know more and be kept up to date on the draft Plan, sign up for email updates.