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A public benefit contribution is provided as an opt-in contribution for developers. It will be required when additional development potential is proposed above the primary height or plot ratio limits as set out in the City’s Town Planning Scheme Amendment 61.

The contribution may be provided in three ways:

  • a monetary contribution, to fund an infrastructure project that will be delivered by the City; or
  • an in-kind contribution, delivered by a developer on a development site to the equivalent monetary contribution required; or
  • a combination of both.

Public benefit contributions will be used to fund upgrades and new facilities for the benefit of current and future local residents, workers and visitors to this area. The new and upgraded community facilities and infrastructure will be over and above the like-for-like replacement or provision of infrastructure that is normally funded by the local government.

The South Perth ACP identifies six categories which can be funded by public benefit contributions:

  • Community facilities
  • Streetscape and public realm upgrades
  • Street trees and landscaping
  • Upgrades to public open space
  • Transport infrastructure
  • Placemaking initiatives.

A Public Benefit Contribution Plan has been prepared which identifies potential projects that can be funded for each character area within the ACP.

The list of potential projects was based on the priorities identified in previous community and stakeholder engagement as well as a City studies, assessments and plans over the past 10 years. A community needs assessment was also undertaken to inform preparation of the plan.

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