Why are we doing this survey?

    The library survey will provide our library customers with the opportunity to tell us what value they think the library service provides and what they want from our libraries in the future. The Library survey will:

    • gauge general satisfaction with our equipment, facilities, collections, programs and services
    • provide information on the contribution and value our libraries have on their lives
    • allow us to identify areas or services that need improving

    What will happen to the responses?

    The responses will be collated and used to benchmark our library service against other public libraries across Australia. We will use the data provided to maintain the good things that we are currently providing and improve on the gaps to provide library customers with the resources, programs and services they want.

    Libraries are an extremely important asset to local communities but membership numbers and loan statistics only address a small part of the value of a library to its community. The survey results will enable us to advocate for support and funding that will allow us to provide a library service that continues to meet industry standards guidelines and collection outcomes.

    How can I provide my feedback?

    You can complete the survey online before 5pm, Monday 18 November 2019.

    Hard copy surveys are available at the City’s Civic Centre, South Perth and Manning libraries.