What is Economic Development?

    Local Economic Development is a way to build up the economic capacity of an area to improve the quality of life of the community by supporting local businesses and encouraging local employment, investment, and tourism.

    What is the draft Economic Development Plan?

    The City’s draft Economic Development Plan will guide the City in supporting its existing local businesses, create a business-friendly environment that boosts local employment and attracts investment and tourism over the next four years.

    What are the benefits of an Economic Development Plan?

    The City’s successful involvement in economic development will create significant benefits for its community, including:

    • A diversified range of local employment opportunities 
    • Higher levels of skills and wages 
    • Business industry diversification and improved resilience 
    • Diversifying the non-residential rate revenue
    • Improved amenity and local business offerings 
    • Improved land values.

    The impacts of COVID-19 and future uncertainty has enhanced the importance of the City’s role in supporting local businesses and to strategically plan for the future. The draft EDP outlines how the City will support and promote the growth of the economy by using creating, influencing and monitoring actions.

    How was the draft Economic Development Plan developed?

    The preparation of the draft EDP has involved several steps, that are detailed in the figure below:

    How will the draft Economic Development Plan be monitored?

    Once endorsed, the City will monitor the four-year EDP by preparing a progress report annually. Relevant actions will be referenced as part of the City’s Corporate Business Plan and a full review of the actions will be undertaken after two years of implementation. 

    What engagement has taken place that has informed the draft Economic Development Plan?

    The engagement that informed the Economic Development Plan (and its precursor, the Economic Development Report) include:

    • Elected Members Workshops (December 2020 and March 2021)
    • City of South Perth Local Business Survey (June to July 2020) 
    • City of South Perth local Business Forum (9 March 2021).

    How can I ask questions about the draft Economic Development Plan?

    How can I provide feedback?

    • Complete the online feedback form
    • Hard copy feedback forms are available at the South Perth Civic Centre and South Perth and Manning libraries
    • Email the City at enquiries@southperth.wa.gov.au(External link) or phone 9474 0777 and ask to speak to someone about the Economic Development Plan