How was the draft Cultural Plan developed?

    The Plan was informed by community and stakeholder feedback received through a survey available online and hard copy, which was open between October 2017 and February 2018. Members of the community also provided feedback whilst attending the City’s cultural events held during the engagement phase, including the Australia Day Celebration Zone, South Perth Sounds Concert and the Angelo Street Marketplace. Community and stakeholder feedback from other City projects was also used, including the Vision 2027 community visioning project for the development of the City’s Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027, and the 2016 Events Review Survey.

    How can I provide my feedback?

    You can provide your feedback on the draft Cultural Plan by completing the online feedback form before 4pm, Tuesday 23 October 2018. A copy of the draft Plan and hard copy feedback forms are also available at the City’s Civic Centre, the South Perth Library or the Manning Library.

    What are the next steps?

    Feedback closes at 4pm, Tuesday 23 October 2018. All feedback received from the community and stakeholders will be analysed and carefully considered. Any necessary changes will be made to the draft plan, before it is presented back to Council for final endorsement at the December 2018 Council meeting.

    What is the Cultural Plan?

    The Cultural Plan 2019-2023 will set the vision, strategies and goals for cultural development in the City of South Perth over the next five years. It will provide a framework for arts and culture across the City, enhancing existing cultural assets (e.g. local history, places of significance) and encouraging new opportunities and the appropriate allocation of resources in line with the cultural priorities and values in the plan.

    What is ‘culture’?

    Culture can mean different things to different people. It is a way of life, encapsulating the shared values, attitudes and beliefs of the community which have been influenced by historical, social, environmental and economic experiences. Through the Cultural Plan, the City hopes to define its own unique culture by capturing what is important to the community and stakeholders.

    Why is the Cultural Plan being developed?

    By developing the Cultural Plan, the City seeks to promote and enhance its culture and creative diversity, build on its cultural strength, identify new options for cultural service delivery that enable the prioritisation of cultural resources, and celebrate its cultural heritage, public spaces and community identity.