Why is the City reviewing its Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan?

    The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan (CSCP) is a strategic document that is reviewed every three years. The current plan is now due for review. This allows the City to ensure that its approach to community safety and crime prevention responds to the priority areas for our community, as well as aligning with the priorities (objectives) of our key partners, such as the WA Police.

    What is the City’s role in community safety and crime prevention?

    The City’s role is to provide leadership and coordination in establishing collaborative approaches and initiatives relating to community safety between the key stakeholders.

    The City coordinates the Community Safety Group which includes representatives from Kensington Police, WA Police Community Engagement, Department of Communities – Housing, Police and Community Youth Centres (PCYC), local Member of Parliament, Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) Roadwise, Perth Zoo, Curtin University, Waterford Plaza, Gowrie WA, Welwyn Avenue shops, Manning Community Association, Kensington Neighbourhood Watch, local primary schools and City of South Perth including the Mayor.

    How is the CSCP Plan developed and implemented?

    The CSCP Plan is developed and implemented by the Community Safety Group. This collaborative approach ensures that the CSCP Plan has a well-rounded and comprehensive approach to community safety objectives, initiatives and projects.

    What community safety initiatives are currently undertaken in the City?

    There are five main community safety initiatives delivered or supported by the City of South Perth, which are summarised below.

    Crime prevention information and resources

    The WA Police Community Engagement Office provide the City with printed resources regarding topics such as personal safety tips, safety for seniors, home safety, burglar alert, burglary prevention, and home owners property register. The City also has access to the ‘Gone in Less than Sixty Seconds’ vehicle that is used in the community to promote awareness about theft from motor vehicles, and a mobile CCTV unit that is used at community events or deployed at crime hot spots in conjunction with Kensington Police. 

    Goodbye Graffiti website

    This online information service to assist the Western Australian community with graffiti removal, reporting and prevention advice.

    Community safety seminars

    The City hosts community safety seminars each year on a range of topics, such as:

    • Cyber safety for seniors and parents of school age children
    • Drug awareness
    • Protective behaviours
    • Local policing
    • Theft from motor vehicles
    • CCTV

    Local neighbour initiatives

    Local neighbour initiatives are projects aimed at encouraging neighbours to work together to reduce crime and make their communities safer.

    Constable Care Child Safety Foundation partnership

    Through this partnership children from local primary and high schools get the opportunity to participate in interactive presentations on a range of themes including personal safety, community safety, citizenship, social pressures and mental health issues.

    What else does the City currently do in the community safety and crime prevention area?

    The City is a member of the South East Metropolitan Local Government Community Safety Committee which comprises of representatives from the cities of Armadale, Belmont, Canning, Gosnells, South Perth, the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale and the Town Victoria Park. The Committee works on community safety initiatives in line with the WA Policing priorities.

    What will you do with the feedback received?

    The feedback received will help the City to understand the safety concerns and priorities within our community. The feedback will be collated and analysed, and will form the basis for the actions and strategies in the City’s CSCP Plan 2019-2022, along with feedback received from other key stakeholders.

    What are the next steps?

    The feedback received will help to inform the development of a draft Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan, which will then go to the June Council meeting for endorsement. Once endorsed, the CSCP Plan will be finalised.

    I’ve got some questions about the CSCP Plan. Is there anyone I can contact?

    Yes, you are welcome to contact the City on 9474 0777 or enquiries@southperth.wa.gov.au, and ask to speak to someone about the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Plan.