What is an ‘Urban Forest’?

    Here in the City of South Perth, the ‘urban forest’ is defined as the sum total of all trees and significant understory (significant vegetation under the tree level, such as shrubs and bushes) in our local government area. It includes native and exotic species, trees and shrubs along streets, private property, verges, parks and bushland areas. The urban forest is measured by its 'canopy cover', which is the coverage of the ground by trees and other significant vegetation when viewed from above.

    How was the Draft Urban Forest Strategy developed?

    Digital surveyors have analysed aerial photographs from 1985 and 2015 to give the City a clear indication of the changes to the City's urban forest canopy over a thirty year period.  That information along with our existing street tree database, a review of our existing policies, and research by City officers, was used to help create the Draft Urban Forest Strategy.

    Why was the Draft Urban Forest Strategy developed?

    The Draft Urban Forest Strategy was developed to outline current practices and future goals for the City of South Perth in managing its urban forest, as well as raising awareness in the community about the importance of our trees and other vegetation on both public and private land. This Draft Strategy is also intended to be an educational resource.