What species of trees will be planted?

    The City has not yet decided which tree species will be planted, however local native species that will increase shade and canopy cover whilst maintaining vistas are likely to be prioritised.  

    Will the trees being planted along the fence line by the freeway block the views to the river?

    The proposed locations for new tree plantings are designed to maintain the existing sight lines and vistas of properties neighbouring the reserve. It is proposed that trees would be planted in line with property boundaries so as to minimise the impact on the overall view.

    How will the upgrade of Olives Reserve affect parking?

    Informal street parking will still be maintained along Melville Parade, as well as the existing car park in Olives Reserve.

    What is hydro-zoning?

    Hydro-zoning is the practice of grouping types of vegetation into categories with similar water requirements to enable more efficient and responsible use of irrigation water. When designing and managing public open space, the different water needs of turf, lawns, trees and low water-use plants are taken into account, and so different water application rates can be applied to various parts of a park dependent on use. This means that adequate water is provided, while reducing the overall reliance on irrigation.

    You can find out more about hydro-zoning on the City's website.

    Why are turf mounds being proposed?

    The proposed turf mounds would have multiple benefits, including helping to reduce freeway noise, providing points of interest in the landscape and opportunity for different types of activity by park users, whether for exercise, recreation or dog exercise.

    Why was this location identified for dog agility equipment?

    The City has received requests for dog agility equipment and the proposed upgrade of the southern section of Olives Reserve has provided the opportunity to incorporate this equipment into an existing designated dog off leash exercise area.

    How is my feedback used and what will happen next?

    All feedback received was considered and changes made to the Draft Olives Reserve Concept Plan. A budget of $650,000 for the first stage of works at Olives Reserve was approved by Council for this financial year (2018-2019) and works are due to commence in May 2019.