Comment period now open

8 months ago

The comment period for the Draft Local Planning Strategy is now closed.

At its September 2018 meeting, Council endorsed the Draft Local Planning Strategy and forwarded it to the State Government for certification. The certification has now been provided and the comment period is now open.

The draft Strategy makes a series of plans, including:

  • A plan for where and how new housing will be accommodated. By 2031, the City is forecast to grow by around 10,200 people who will be accommodated in approximately 4,700 new dwellings. The Draft Local Planning Strategy recommends concentrating growth to key nodes, known as activity centres, and along roads with good transport connectivity, known as urban corridors where access to services, employment and transport is highest. A map showing these areas is on page 9 of the Summary Document.
  • A direction for managing the City’s transport network moving forward including growing the City’s cycling network and supporting expanded public transport services including bus, ferry and rail
  • Investigation of how to best deliver new public infrastructure, such as enhanced parklands, community spaces and facilities, and upgraded streets.
  • A plan for conserving our social and environmental values, including heritage places, urban tree canopy, and improving the design of new buildings.
In total the Draft Local Planning Strategy proposes over fifty actions to help shape the future planning of the City.