Why is the project happening?

    The Karawara Public Open Space Master Plan and Collaborative Action Plan (KMPCAP) was endorsed by Council at the December 2013 Council meeting and contains 14 projects that aim to ‘strengthen Karawara’s public open space and community character’. 

    Planning for Karawara Public Open Space has progressed. Concept plans are now available for the Greenways from Kwel Court Reserve, with the playground and central meeting area, through to Walanna Drive and the pocket park by the Gowrie Centre.

    What is planned for 2016?

    The concepts were designed from initial community input received during the Karawara Masterplan engagement process and the projects outlined in the Karawara Public Open Space Masterplan + Collaborative Action Plan (the Masterplan). 

    • Kwel Court Reserve

    At this reserve, the existing seating and play equipment is to be removed and the playground area expanded and improved.  All existing trees and paths are to be retained and a new central seating/meeting area will be installed.

    The new playground will cater for 1 to 12+ year olds, with new 0-8 year equipment in the existing sandpit with shade sails, and swings, slides, climbing and spinning items in the new proposed sandpits. It will be a fantastic new playspace, designed with high quality robust commercial items to combine cognitive and social play, and provide sensory elements including visual, tactile, balance and movement.

    The Kwel Court project is Project 02 (Improve the central playground to create a central meeting and multi-use area) of the Karawara Public Open Space Master Plan and Collaborative Action Plan (KMPCAP).

    •   Pocket Park near Gowrie/Walanna Drive 

    The pocket park, located south of the Gowrie Centre, will include new vegetation and paths linking to Walanna Drive’s footpaths, new picnic area with tables, bench seating, bins and drinking fountain. 

    This commences Projects 01, 04 and 07 combined in the Masterplan: 

    • Project 1 - Improve greenways to provide space for resting, contemplation and basic infrastructure.
    • Project 4 - Improve the pedestrian experience between Karawara and Waterford plaza.
    • Project 7 - Increase native habitats.

    How were the Kwel Court Reserve concept plans created?

    The Projects outlined in the Karawara Masterplan were considered along with budget available in the current financial year’s capital works program. In the Masterplan, an agreed hierarchy of public open space throughout Karawara was suggested:

    1. Build upon central playground, and activate as a multi-use/ community meeting point;

    2. Increase amenity as secondary hubs: Curtin underpass and gateways to Greenways;

    3. Low treatment amenity through all other public open space areas including rest and contemplation areas.

    The City has applied this hierarchy to the existing budget allocation, to spend most money for the playground and Kwel Court Reserve; followed by the park near the Gowrie, being a ‘gateway’ area close to the shops; and to make a start on the remainder of the Greenways. 

    Concept ideas from the initial consultation during the Karawara Masterplan process were discussed by the City’s Parks team and in-house Landscape Architect and developed to suit the current budget allocation. 

    Quotations were received from 6 separate playground suppliers who were asked to submit their suggestions for the park. The concepts were then chosen from the options that were provided to best fit the area, provide a wide range of play for a variety of ages, with quality, durability and good value for money taken into account. The proximity to local residents was also a design consideration, with the concept plan concentrating activities in the centre of the reserve and the perimeter left as open areas with lawn and trees.

    When will the construction take place at the Kwel Court Reserve?

    The City is planning the upgrades for construction from June to September 2016.

    Any future projects?

    The projects in the Karawara Masterplan will be gradually implemented over the coming years, as budget permits.

    Project 01 will continue over a number of years, for the remainder of the Greenways, combined with Project 07 ‘Increase, improve and connect native habitat’.

    A community development project which will include winter tree planting, likely aligned with National Tree Day is currently being developed with interested residents. This will combine with infrastructure upgrades to install park furniture in the Greenways, such as benches, including utilising refurbished furniture painted for Karawara.

    How much will it cost?

    It is proposed that the overall Karawara Masterplan be reviewed, in line with the implementation of each stage, its priorities and the annual budgeting process.

    The current project for the playground and surrounding area improvements to Kwel Court Reserve, upgrades to the pocket park, and furniture for the 2016 Public Works project will cost a total of $140,000, with approximately $80,000 on playground equipment.

    Who will benefit?

    The project will benefit local residents and anyone else who uses the Greenways by providing improved recreational space, with more seating and more shade.

    The Walanna Drive project has benefited the local community and others accessing the Waterford shops, providing a more pedestrian friendly environment and improved streetscapes, and also accommodating public transport users, with new bus stop shelters having been installed along Walanna Drive.

    The pocket park project will further improve the path connections into the Greenways from Walanna Drive near the underpass to Waterford Plaza.

    Seating in the park and street will provide rest stops which will benefit those who may not be able to walk the distance to the shops or other destinations without a short stop along the way.

    More biodiverse planting will benefit local fauna, particularly birds.

    What happens after the Kwel Court Reserve out for comment period finishes?

    Once the feedback period closes, all information will be gathered and collated by City officers. 

    All comments will be assessed together, to determine the overall opinion of the concept plans and if any modifications are required. Project planning will then be undertaken to progress the concepts to construction plans for implementation in the second half of 2016.

    How can I get involved in helping to build the best future for Karawara?

    The Karawara community has already started working towards the goals in the collaborative action plan.  

    A small group of active community members is working alongside community development officers to develop and deliver a number of community-driven projects in the Collaborative Action Plan. Building strong relationships with local residents ensures that the actions undertaken are responsive to and appropriate for Karawara’s unique character.

    If you want to help the City build the best future for Karawara, please get in touch with the City's Community Development Team on 9474 0777 or enquiries@southperth.wa.gov.au to volunteer your time or ideas.