Consultation to date

almost 2 years ago

Stakeholder workshop

Results from the stakeholder workshop held at the end of July.

Hands up for Connect South

Thanks to everyone who came to paint their ideas on the Connect South car on Saturday 22 July and Saturday 5 August at the corner of Mends Street and South Perth Esplanade. Summary of what was painted on the car.

Connect South Open Day

More than 50 people came to the Connect South Open Day on Saturday 26 August to see the design principles, draft design elements and ideas. The feedback received fell into the following broad categories, which give a high level snapshot of the most important themes for those who participated:



Activity and events

Activation, cafes, outdoor dining, markets, music, performances, theatre, busking, shopping, laneways, retail, entertainment, views and vistas, family-friendly

Lighting and public art

Installations (temporary and permanent), interactive art, catenary lighting, sculptures, light shows and displays, lighting, street art, artistic furniture, canopy walkway

Movement and connection

Inclusive access, bicycles, pedestrians, cars, parking, ferry service, bus, wayfinding, signage, traffic, footpaths, bicycle facilities

Greenery, shade and amenity

Variety of seating options, trees, vegetation, water bubblers, public toilets, shade, parklets, inclusive access and facilities,

Culture and history

Heritage tram, education, Whadjuk Noongar culture and history, local history, heritage buildings and icons

Thanks to everyone who participated and provided feedback on the day. The full detailed feedback has been passed to the consultants for consideration while developing the concept design and the activities and events occurring in the Mends Street area.

Connect South Concept Design Presentation

Over fifty stakeholders and community members attended the Connect South draft concept design presentation and project update at the Old Mill Theatre on Wednesday 25 October. These designs went to to Council in November and were endorsed to go out for public comment.

The engagement for this project has concluded. For further information or updates on Connect South visit the City of South Perth website